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i'm really crazy xD

and do u know why? may some people ... i'm so creative right now and i want to make sigs and stuff for everyone xD so if u want something just write me lol so, here's a lot of new stuff:

Alexis Bledel
xx made this one for nathalie ^^ it's cute, isn't it? i like it ...

Adam Brody
xx i didn't made anything for months of adam brody ... he's one of the cutest guys ever lol and the cutest of OC xD i love this pic ... it's the same dog as in the sig of rachel bilson in my last update ^^

Mary Kate Olsen
xx another one of MK ... i think this one is better than the last one i posted ... what do u think?

Pierre Bouvier
xx i love this shooting ... sadly there is only one pic of david in this shooting, so i decided to make a sig of pierre ... but it's cute lol

Frank Iero
xx i never made one of frankie before ... but i think it's cool ... the pic where he is laughing is cute lol

Avril Lavigne
xx i like the pics in this sig. they are very lady like ... ^^
14.3.06 14:58

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