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A loooooooot new Stuff ^^

'cause i know i have so many english readers i will make this here in english now lol so you all can understand the shit i'm writing xDD
i don't updated this a long time so i've got a lot of new stuff (as the headline say lol) so, here is it:

at first the sigs ^^

Chuck Comeau
xx i must remove the copyrights on this pics ... that really sucks but now it looks better. people should stop making their copyrights on such good pics lol i think it is okay but nothing special ^^

Mary Kate Olsen
xx i don't like her hair but the pics are you ... i think the sig is a lil too dark but i hope u can live with it, 'caus i can

Ashlee Simpson
xx i love this pics lol she looks so happy in these. and NO i don't think this is too much pink lol

Ashlee Simpson
xx again ash lol but with an older photo shoot ... looks cute, or?

Mikey Way
xx yeah it's pretty boring lol and i made it in like two minutes but i think it's the best one i've ever made of mikey (okay, have i made any other sigs with mikey pics?)

Pete Wentz
xx yeah cutie pete lol made this a long time ago but i still use it ^^ i cut the band out in the background of this pics lol

now the avies lol

xx yeah two of david but ... isn't he cute? not as cute as my boyfriend but he comes after him lol

iiiiiiiii ...

... made this a long time ago:

... and as i found it i thought it looks stupid but not the pics lol
soooooo, i researched them and made it new.

it looks better, doesn't it?

comments to my stuff are welcome xD
8.3.06 21:03

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Jassy/xxlady / Website (9.3.06 15:45)
I soooooo love your sigs, I wish I could make sigs like that +strahl+ Anyways, mit welchem Prog machst du die??

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